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Cheadle Kingsway Internal Tennis Leagues

Organised by Russell Lawrence 07958 251559

The Leagues are drawn up & displayed in the Tennis Pavilion.

The Leagues are run on a ladder basis (singles and doubles) and are designed to provide friendly competition between players of similar ability, independent of gender.

Each singles match is scheduled for one hour, and each doubles match for 2 hours.

The Internal Tennis Leagues will be a regular feature from now on at the Club, reviewed every 5-6 weeks to allow for regular promotion and relegation, depending on results.

This regular review provides plenty of opportunity to meet and play other members of the Club of a similar standard. New players may join the leagues at any time and will be slotted in at their appropriate level, players can sign out anytime

To sign in or sign out for the next period, email

Divisions, players’ names & numbers, Rules & Explanation on how the Internal Leagues work on the notice board in the Tennis Pavilion.

How the Divisions are set up

There are 2 Leagues split into Divisions: a Singles league & a Doubles league.

Divisions have been made up similar of standard players in each Division; Leagues may be with same sex players or mixed.

Initially players have been placed in a Division, and Divisions structured into a League hierarchy, based on the organiser’s current limited knowledge of some members playing levels.

It may be there are some “Bandits” (players misplaced), so get on court & let your Tennis do the talking!

How to Get Playing

Each player should initiate & make contact with each other & arrange a time to play.

Names & telephone numbers are shown in each Division box, on the Notice Board in the Tennis Pavilion.

We recommend a court is pre-booked to play the match, 1 hour per singles match & 2 hours per doubles match.

Make an early call to make contact to organise your game.

Russell Lawrence, Tennis Events

Mobile: 07958 251559 Tel: 0161 439 3513